Brothers, Hear Our Defense

Although the four books in the series Brothers, Hear Our Defense were written to correct many theological, factual, and historical errors in an article by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes criticizing the teaching of Witness Lee, they also present many important matters of truth concerning the Bible, the significance of the incarnation of Christ, the nature of God, and other subjects.

Book 1 addresses the authority of the Bible, the twofoldness of divine truth in the Bible, and the truth concerning the infinite God becoming a finite man through the incarnation of Christ. It includes reprints of Robert Govett’s booklet The Twofoldness of Divine Truth and an article by Ron Kangas on the same subject from the journal Affirmation & Critique, as well as quotes from respected Bible scholars who affirm that God became man. Brothers, Hear Our Defense (1)
Brothers, Hear Our Defense (2) Book 2 discusses the truth of the Divine Trinity, including the use of the word “person”; the co-working of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit; the Son being called “Eternal Father” in Isaiah 9:6; and the Lord being the Spirit in 2 Corinthians 3:17. The book includes an extensive list of recognized Bible scholars and teachers who have affirmed the co-working of the three of the Divine Trinity and the Lord being the Spirit in resurrection.
Book 3 examines Witness Lee’s biblical critique of organized Christianity and of Roman Catholicism in particular. The present state of Christendom is evaluated in the light of several prophetic utterances in the New Testament. The book includes an extensive bibliography of well-known Bible expositors who have interpreted the prophecies in the New Testament concerning the church along the sames lines as Witness Lee. Brothers, Hear Our Defense (3)
Brothers, Hear Our Defense (4) Book 4 exposes false claims that the local churches are “litigious,” that they drove the Spiritual Counterfeits Project into bankruptcy, and that litigation was undertaken to silence theological criticisms.