Topical Index–Concerning Salvation and Our Experience of Christ

This page includes articles related to the truth about the nature of man and the experience of Christ in His salvation. These articles were written in response to criticisms of the teachings of Witness Lee and the local churches.

Our Testimony: A Glorious Enjoyment of Christ

The Truth Concerning the Experience of Christ

Our Belief Concerning Salvation

The Christian Life

The Believers Having the Divine Nature

The Bible Answer Man Says: The Believer Does Not Have the Divine Nature

The Believers Having the Divine Nature

Christ Indwelling His Believers

Salvation–The Truth Concerning God Coming into Man

Christ Being in the Believers

The Bible Answer Man Says: Christ Is Represented in the Believer

The Mingling of God and Man

The Use of the Word “Mingle”

The Truth Concerning the Mingling

The Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Are Spirit and Soul the Same?

The Condition of Fallen Man

The Nature of Man

On the Flesh

Do you teach that Satan is in man’s body?

The Renewing of the Mind

Mind Bending or Mind Renewing